First Experience

You always wanted to try diving but never got the chance? Malta is perfect for your first diving experience! You’ll learn to breathe underwater and swim with the fish in the wonderful crystal clear water of the Mediterranean. Abyss Diving Club offers several options for those who want to dive for the first time, so that everyone has the best experience underwater possible.

Try Dive

Intro dive in the sea. Your instructor will give you a short introduction into theory of diving and explain how to use the equipment. You will spend approx. half an hour underwater (in the sea) and about 1,5 hours total at our dive centre. At the end, you’ll gain an experience of a lifetime and some knowledge in a completely new sphere. Now you are ready to proceed to the next level.

Discover Scuba Diving

The Discover Scuba Diving is a program where you can extend a bit more your first diving experience. In this program you have a small theoretical part where is includes a test and a video. The rest you have to do it in the water. The first dive the instructor is going to show you some exercises that you have to do underwater to make you more confidence and more prepare for the next dive. The second dive you are going to reach a maximum of 12 meters. Now you’re ready to discover our scuba diving courses!