Malta – Dive Spots



This East German Kondor-class minesweeper was scuttled off Cirkewwa in August 2007. This vessel was used by the Armed Forces of Malta and now sits a depth of 37 meters on the seabed, with its mast reaching a depth of 21 meters. Due to its small size, this wreck is seldom visited, partly due to the lack of marine life. However, the engine room remains a popular attraction.

Ghar Lapsi – Caves

This diving site is one of the most sought after sites in Malta due to the presence of large underwater caves, sandy bays and reefs. The area between the sand and the reef is covered by a variety of grass and algae. The underwater caverns also contain interesting sponges and sea life.

St Michael and Tug 10

The St. Michael and Tug 10 wreck may be accessed off Zonqor Point following a 5 minute swim from the shore. Both were launched in 1994 and scuttled together in 1998. At 20 meters, the St Michael is the longer of the two vessels, with No. 10 being slightly shorter at 16 meters. The visibility is normally good enough to enable divers to locate the two wrecks easily. A rope has recently been installed linking these two wrecks together to make it easier for divers to visit both wrecks.

Um El-Faroud

The Um El Faroud is a 110 meters, oil tanker that was built in Middlesbrough in 1969 and operated between Malta and Libya. During maintenance works in the Malta Drydocks on the 3rd of February 1995, an explosion occurred in one of the fuel tanks, tragically killing nine shipyard workers in one of the worst accidents to happen at the dry docks following the Second World War. The vessel suffered extensive structural damage and was deemed to be beyond repair. On September 2, 1998, the ship was scuttled and provided an artificial reef, which today is teeming with marine life. Quite often schools of barracudas can be seen around it. This wreck can be assessed following a 10-minute swim from the shore and can be covered in one dive if the breathing rate is kept low. However, a majority of divers who visit this wreck opt to make two dives in order to appreciate the wreck’s structures and marine environment.

Valetta HMS Maori

Malta’s most famous and historical wreck, this World War II destroyer was launched in 1937. The wreck of the HMS Maori offers many lovely views. Parts of the hull are easily recognizable, although the guns have been removed. The hull of the Maori is lying upright on the sand, with the depth on her starboard side being approximately 14 meters deep and on her port side about 10 meters deep. The ship was broken in two after its bombing and only her forward section remains. This allows plenty of light comes in through some missing side panels, as well as through various hatches leading to her deck.


A short distance away from the P29 lies another wreck, a tugboat known as Rozi. Despite its small size, this wreck remains a popular venue with local divers. Launched in Liverpool in 1958, this ship was originally known as Rossmore. In 1981, it was sold to a Maltese company operating in the Grand Harbour and re-christened as Rozi. This wreck is still intact, even though its engines and propeller are missing and lies at a depth of 34 meters. Its anchor is situated around 30 meters away from the wreck at a depth of 20 meters. It’s considered one of the best places to dive in Malta.

x127 (Manoel Island)

The Lighter X127 is one of the 200 lighters constructed for the Gallipoli campaign in 1915. Designed by Walter Pollocks & Son of Faversham in Kent, England, the X131 saw action in the Dardanelles campaign in the First World War. By 1921, the ship was in Malta and was converted into a water carrier. On the night of 21 April 1942, it received a torpedo hit in her stern and sank immediately. The ship had different names – Coralita, Coral, Carolita – and was at one point even mistaken for the wreck of an English submarine before it was identified as the X127.

Reef Zurrieq

The West Reef & Caves is a very popular spot near dive site Um El Faroud. Leave the inlet at the entry point, close by you will find the divers helmet which was placed on the sea bed to commemorate the 50th aniversary of the Atlam Divers Club, a local Maltese diving club. Then turn right and keep the reef at your right hand along gullies, ledges and boulders to reach the incredible Bell Tower Cave at 28 meter. The cave has three entrances and is usually full of red cardinalfish. A little further there’s a second cave at 25 meters, worth exploring if your air supply is sufficient, otherwise turn around. Many divers tend to do their night dives in the inlet because of the abundance of life that can be seen then.


Shore dive that starts in a shallow lagoon then goes to a reef with a drop of about 18 meters, in the cavern nearby a statue of Madonna that has been placed there in 1987. One of the best places to dive in Malta.

Arch Cirkewwa

The Arch is one of the most popular dive for open waters divers in Cirkewwa area. The dive begins with a giant stride, go down and start the amazing landscape, swimming through, crystalline water and at the end the arch; passing through it, its makes an effect the bubbles that we expire. Those bubbles are clogging up under the ceiling of it making an unreal landscape when they become a micro bubbles and start coming out on the top of it giving you an amazing view. With the fishes around and micro bubbles is make you feel like you are in another world.

Paradise Bay

This dive usually begin from sussies pool that is between 3 meters till 11 meters. The ones you find the drop off you have turn on the right following the wall around 15 meters, trying to find the marine life that is in there and all the way you are going to find nice amphorae placed between 18 – 20 meters. If you keep going following the wall there is some nice swimming through where the dive is more funny passing that you are going to arrive in the mini arch at 10 meters deep where is the moment to come back to the sussies pool. With nice landscapes, swimming through and the amphorae to decorate this amazing dive we can say that this one is perfect for open waters divers.

Helmet Zurrieq

Helmet is one of the historical monuments located exactly between the Zurrieq reef and the wreck Um El Faroud.

Reef Cirkewwa

Cirkewwa reef is perfect place to do dives for beginners. A very nice landscape and enough marine life to surprise the divers. The reef is quite long where you can do a good dive between 30 a 40min from the pool to one of sides of the reef.

Ancor Bay

This bay is widely recognizable due to the shooting of the film Popeye, starring Robin Williams. Anchor Bay derives its name from the anchor used as a mooring buoy for barges carrying material to construct Sweet Haven village, the set used in the film which can still be seen today. This area is particularly sought after due to a beautiful underwater cave, besides the gilt head local marine life.